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One of the few places Mollie feels confident is in the water...until a stranger interrupts her night swim.

Written by Susannah Donnan
Directed by Gabriela Gaduh & Susannah Donnan

I'm interested in collaborating on Mollie!

Please leave a link to your reel or previous work along with a headshot.

Thanks so much for submitting for Mollie. You'll hear from us soon!


FEMALE 18-25 |  Mollie, sweet but unconfident, high school swimmer (Must be able to perform freestyle strokes well)

FEMALE 18-25 | Alina, Mollie's friend. Audacious, carefree, and charming.

MALE  20-35  | The Stranger,  enigmatic, pleasant, and persuasive.

This shoot will take place over  three nights in Thousand Oaks, CA 

We'll provide meals, copy, and credit. And cozy blankets. And snacks. And caffeine.

We've worked for free quite a bit, so we know how important is it to take good care of the team. 

If you're not in a place to work for credit and copy we completely understand!


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